The right machine

What kind of machine is right for me?

I hate this washing machine!
Consumer Reports rated it really high and it think I got taken!

Sound familiar?
Boy it sure does to me… I hear it all the time.  Things to keep in mind, Consumer Reports has a set criteria they go by.  It’s made up of the government mandates and laws, the manufacturers specifications, some of the Underwriters Laboratories suggestions, and their own requirements.

Everyone’s different.
Your own personal needs may not fall into their list of tests.  It’s impossible to tell one person this machine is perfect for you, and tell the next the same thing, (sounds too much like the government and health care) oops! Did I say that out loud?

You have to find what’s best for you!
One persons needs differ from another so there isn’t really a “best” machine.  The “best” machine is your own personal choice lined up with your own personal needs.

Why beat your head against a brick wall?
Don’t ask what the tests are because you’ll go nuts  if you do ever find out.  Instead you as a shopper have to know what you need, and what you want, and search for one that will fit into YOUR criteria.  I’ve compiled a list of things you should ask yourself.

It says front load machine but it pertains to any machine.

Click here and you’ll find the down load

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